Aquis Systems Rebstein

Aquis Systems – the
competent system house

Aquis has 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of innovative, technically sophisticated and proven electronic solutions in the field of sanitary for public/commercial applications. As an OEM manufacturer (Original Equipment Manufacturer), customer-specific products are developed and manufactured with and for our customers.

Over the years, Aquis has developed into a profound system house for mechatronic solutions, successfully applying its competencies from development to series delivery. As a result Aquis today realizes innovative system solutions in various business areas. Networking and communication capability of the products represent an integral part of the wide range of services.

Today, the group of companies operates in 4 locations: Switzerland, Austria, Romania and China and employs more than 300 people.

The mission statement of Aquis is: "There is always a solution".

OEM Business areas

In the field of sanitary for public/commercial applications, Aquis is one of the leading suppliers for complete electronic faucets up to water management systems. Components for hydraulic sensors/electronics, communication (APP to IoT) are also part of the broad scope of services.

Over the past years, the company has successfully transferred its long term experience and know-how to develop and manufacture innovative and unique electronic kitchen faucets for mainly residential applications.

The electronic kitchen faucets have been evolved into multifunctional faucets, which are required for "Conditioned Water". Such faucets dispense normal cold/warm water but additionally also filtered, chilled, carbonated and/or boiling hot water.

In addition to multifunctional faucets, Aquis now also offers water devices for the different types of water. Devices for boiling water, chilled still water and soda water, along with advanced networking options via APP or IoT, are part of the scope of services in this rapidly growing segment. 

Door and gate system solutions of Aquis control and facilitate access to the building for authorized persons. Modern keyless access systems demand the highest standards of reliability and security. Aquis has established itself with leading customers in this industry as a reliable partner for product development and series production of retrofitable key turners, electromechanical locks and intercom systems.

Aquis is also a competent partner for other mechatronic systems. The company combines mechanical design, electronics and software development, and communication for the transformation of ideas into intelligent, successful series products. Examples include system components for heating systems or IoT system components for tracking and monitoring moving objects.

For customers who partly develop their products and electronic controls themselves but do not manufacture them, Aquis offers comprehensive EMS services. As implementation partner support is offered for product development and industrialization. After release, Aquis takes over the series production and supply of electronic modules or complete devices according to the quality and quantity requirements.