Development takes place in a structured process that is divided into phases. Teams are formed for the various specialist areas such as mechanics, electronics, communication, which work on the projects in parallel and in an interdisciplinary manner.

The conversion of ideas
into concrete solutions

All tasks are managed via a modern task and project management tool (Wrike). This ensures transparency at all times regarding the status and progress of the work. After the generation of ideas and solution approaches and the decision to develop them further, there are 3 development phases. The characteristics of these phases depend on the complexity of the task.

Each phase is concluded with a milestone. The most significant milestone takes place after the "detailed development" phase. At milestone M3, a decision is made as to whether the development is released for industrialization and implemented accordingly.

Rough concept

  • Develop solution concepts and approaches
  • Feasibility analysis and testing
  • Create initial cost and time schedules
  • Analyze manpower requirements
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Analyze market environment
  • Perform initial patent search
  • Draft specification
  • Draft offer


  • Define project team  
  • Create project plans
  • Complete specification
  • Perform detailed patent search
  • Freeze industrial design (basic requirements)
  • Rough design
  • Proof of concept (e.g. mock up, design samples, simulation, e-drawing, functional samples) 
  • ├╝Risk analysis
  • Draft cooperation agreement

Detail development

  • Detailed development according to specification (mechanics; electronics (software, hardware); communication)
  • Prototype construction and release by OEM customers
  • Execution and documentation of tests
  • Perform Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Request tools and equipment
  • Product introduction - Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review
  • Create manufacturing and test concepts
  • Develop investment and product costing
  • Contract negotiations
  • OEM customer decision for further procedure