Procurement and production

Procurement and production

Aquis' production is mainly focused on electronics manufacturing as well as comprehensive subassembly and equipment assembly. Self-developed metal and plastic parts as well as available standard components are procured from selected suppliers.

The assurance of supply chains
and quality products

Over the years Aquis has built up an efficient international supplier base. This is expanded and adapted according to need and circumstance. Our suppliers are qualified and audited periodically.

The electronics production has all necessary process steps with the latest production equipment and suitable test equipment. On the one hand, the self-developed electronic assemblies and modules are manufactured, but also electronic units developed by customers - see business field Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS).

The production capacities range from small series to large series in the 6-digit range. Especially suitable are products with a combination of SMT and THT - ideally with the requirement of a waterproof potting.

The assembly of subassemblies and devices is carried out according to the one-piece flow philosophy. Our assembly cells are set up according to defined lean standards and the poka yoke principle.  All relevant tests are carried out automatically with specially developed test equipment.  The assembly cells are consistently equipped with an IT connection. This means that up-to-date production instructions visualized on the screen are available at all times. In addition, the relevant production and test data are automatically stored with each production item and can be used for traceability as well as helpful evaluations.

The production capacities can be adjusted by the number of employees per assembly island, the number of shifts as well as the number of assembly islands. Accordingly, small series to large series in the range of high 6-digit quantities can be realized. Depending on demand, the assembly activities are partially or fully automated.

On the basis of CIP (continuous improvement process), the processes are continuously improved, adapted and audited internally.

Aquis Systems currently has its
own manufacturing facilities in

  • Rebstein, Switzerland - approx. 1h away from Zurich
  • Jimbolia, Romania - approx ½ hour from Timisoara

There are opportunities for expansion at both locations.


Strategic partnerships in the manufacturing
sector exist with companies in

  • Houten, Netherlands
  • Shenzen, China